Friday, March 30, 2012

Won't you be my neighbor?

I would like to celebrate Mister Rogers as our most missed celeb today. He was a welcome visitor after school for many, many years. However, I was always a little creeped out by that one puppet in make believe land. I can't remember her name. At any rate. He was a part of many childhoods when things were simple. I wish our generation of children would get to involve his little cardigan sweaters and shoe changing into their lives, too.

I think I have regained the focus that I lost earlier in the week. I already got a little work done, checked on my Facebook friends and am blogging. So, I think I will work on my manuscript (I recently found out that this is the proper word for a work of writing in progress) for a while and then get ready for the weekend. So, I plan to check back in over the next couple of days. Hopefully, I will have a good story to tell like I posted on my fan page last night. How do you spell asterisk? A-S-S-T-E-R-I-X For the love of God. Until then, keep dreaming and stay tuned....

P.S. You must go check out Super Earthling's latest blog!


  1. I loved Mr. Rogers, but I was creeped out by all the puppet voices. Still, I would dream of living in that puppet land.

  2. Aww he was so cool. Well, not "cool." But awesome.