Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday, Monday....

Today. Well, it was Monday. I actually can't believe it is almost over! First, since I am no longer a part of the full-time, 8-5 workforce, I accidentally caught a running of Access Hollywood. Okay. I am going to ask a question. Who the hell is Snooki and why do we care so much about her pregnancy status??? From what I have learned through....osmosis, I suppose, she was or has been a star role on Jersey Shore???? What is so great about her that we care about her every move? Why is it important that we see pictures of her with no make-up on? I mean, I somewhat understand the fascination with Lady Gaga's naked facial but, Snooki? Really? From what our friend, Wendy Williams, said this morning (yes, I watch her) she is a whopping 24 years old. Of course, she looks fine without make-up! I did ten years ago myself!!! That's all I have to say about her. I am just utterly perplexed why the fascination. Perhaps I would understand if I followed Jersey Shore. Unfortunately, I don't or didn't. AHHH! Blohan is making a comeback via SNL? I was home and watched that this weekend, too. As busy as I am, I don't know how I have so much free time for trash television. Oh, god. I am accidentally watching Access Hollywood again? You know, I remember a time when celebrities were people to look up to and, possibly, emulate. What happened? Did our parents feel the same way as they watched us graduated into the next generation of paparazzi exploitation? I wonder. The celebrities of "now" I don't recognize nor can I relate to. Sad for our generation, it seems like all the fame has either fizzled or passed away.

Anyway! On to my list of "to do's" for the week.

#1 weigh in. Yes, I did step on the scale this morning. He has patiently been sitting on the floor of the bathroom for months now. He suffered through a move to a new dwelling just to be ignored for another long two months. I knew the plumpness is my face wasn't my imagination. I have 23 glorious pounds of winter insulation to lose. Now that my son is about to turn four, I am officially out of excuses. It is a sad day when you were thinner when your baby was six months old as compared to his fourth birthday. I know just about everyone is endorsing this program or that program for weight loss. People, carefully invest your money. It is a pretty simple thing....control what you put in your mouth!!!! Haha. I know some of you went there. It really is that simple. There are a couple of other pieces of advice I can give: stay out of drive throughs and restaurants, eat less and get moving! Most eatery establishments offer healthy choices or whatever but the fact remains, if you didn't cook it, you don't know what went into it! I will be giving up the four wheeled transportation to take the trash out and no more late snacks which usually turn into eating more than a snack. I've been cooking quite a bit but none of it has been "good." I am promising myself to make a visit to the library this week to find an alternative to the comfort food I have been cooking over the winter months. Enough of that subject.

#2 met with the trainer at the new company. I still don't officially have an offer but I feel like it is about to happen. I have envisioned my success and know it will happen. As it turns out, said trainer is just that, but he is actually another step in the selection process. As some of you may know, I am slightly resistant to being told what to do. I was able to come to the realization today that the only reason these guidelines exist is because they work. So, I will be working diligently to prove that I am worth the investment. I will find out more at the end of this week.

Well, the rest of my list is yet to come this week. How does my T.V. keep ending up on Access Hollywood! Haha. It is a travesty that the faces I actually recognize are all withered.... Anyway. See y'all tomorrow. Stay tuned.....

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  1. Dude, I'm with you. I do NOT know why people care about WTF Snooki is doing. Maybe if they'd be more concerned with making their own lives more interesting and productive, they'd be less concerned with stupid shizz.