Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Two for the money

I have to admit that I have watched American Idol at least eight of the now eleven seasons. I really had no idea there were this many people in the country that can sing. I mean, really? It just blows my mind how many great voices there are out there! I follow that appreciation with, why not me? Oh, I can do plenty of things very well. I guess I will leave the singing to the gifted. I do like the dynamic of the judges much better now. Not that the Simon, Paula and Randy trio didn't work but Steven, JLo and Randy brings a whole new feel to the show. Drat. Why do I have to be addicted to this show? I would be able to write a bit better if it wasn't distracting me. I guess it is just my love of music. THAT I blame on my Dad. There is a story about how he and Mom brought me home from the hospital. Dad sat me in my carrier in front of a 15" speaker and turned it up. That was supposed to soothe me? I, as a mother, would never think to do that. Well, apparently it worked and I have had a love of music ever since. Funny, I just made the connection of that story and how I love to sit as close as possible to the biggest speaker at a concert. It is awesome when it is so loud that my eyeballs jiggle. Aw, guilty pleasures.

I think I am really going to be made an offer at the new company for the new and different opportunity that I have mentioned in previous posts. I still can't give details. I will as soon as the offer letter is in hand. I am super duper stoked about it! I mean, I have been on fire since Monday. The aspect that excites me the most? I get to help people! FINALLY! I have found a path that I can help people without being being bled or puked upon. I didn't even have a chance to get into that field. Through some various situations, I was able to realize that I just don't have the compassion to care for sick people that I don't love. Bless every single person that finds a related calling in health care. I just assumed it was better to have this realization and move on to something different. I have a terrible overactive, negative imagination. I kept picturing taking care of some anonymous person's grandmother and the two of us getting sick on one another. Nope. Not the right career choice for me. Shortly after that realization, I ended up at an employment agency. I got placed as a receptionist for a general contractor. All I could think was, "Wow. Everyone wears jeans, they smoke or dip and they cuss! This is awesome." Oh, another selling point for me was that if I made a mistake, I probably wouldn't kill anyone.

Now writing has completely distracted me from Idol. Ha! I haven't been lucky enough to catch anymore Access Hollywood or TMZ but somehow I have heard "Snooki" at least five times. Oh, the other hot topic is this KONY 2012. I'm not sure what that is about yet. I do intend to join the masses and find out. If someone can give me some cliff notes, that would be greatly appreciated. I have spent so much time researching over the last couple of weeks my head really might explode. I think I'm going to take a couple of days off. So, stay tuned and dream big!

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  1. Ever figure out what Kony or whatever is all about? I refuse to google it!!!