Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Don't you just love when a day just gets away from you? I had so many plans on my agenda yesterday. I invested several hours yesterday morning working on the new career possibility. When I looked up, I had a very short amount of time to get ready and out the door to my SBA meeting. I made the time crunch, grabbed my purse and keys when the phone rang. My meeting was being referred to another entity. I graciously changed into my favorite jeans and sweatshirt to get back to the task I had spent the morning on. The next thing I knew I had to pick up my son and attend to our evening obligations. By the time the day was done, I was exhausted. So, I am playing catch up on my writing.

First, I will be weighing in on Friday. Yes, I know hitting the scale too often isn't a good thing. My problem? I obsess. At least talking about it here is keeping me from checking the numbers every morning. Let's hope there has been some kind of progress...

I made it to the library yesterday. I gave up my printer the move before last. Paying a couple of bucks for printing there is just fine with me. The money collecting machine was a good opportunity to leave behind a dime. I fed in the dollar bills and my change clinked into the return. I pulled it out and left behind the dime. I love to leave change behind in any vending machine. Sometimes, I walk away leaving whatever was returned. I always wonder who found it. Was it that little kid sticking his kiddie fingers in the return or was it that person that the machine ate a quarter? You never know.

Stay tuned.....

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  1. No shenanigans? Geez...where is the fun in that? Visiting all the way from Melbourne, and no shenanigans... :) Nice post, Audrey, as they all are!