Thursday, March 8, 2012


I had a really good conversation with an old friend today. The talk was good for my soul. So funny that so much time can go by.... What one person remembers coupled with the other's remembrances are what makes the memory.It makes me wonder about all of these people that I still get to catch glimpses of now. The past meets the present. What things do they remember about me? I make the assumption that the way I remember their face in a moment from the past probably isn't a moment that sticks out in their memory. During the conversation, we reminisced about several things that are only important to us. There were laughs and apologies and thank yous. I think this particular friendship was the first of my life that revolved around life changing events. In retrospect, that friendship was my first introduction to adulthood. I didn't realize it at the time. You know how it is. Early in life you just think you will live forever.

There have been times as life has marched on, and I have done my appearing and disappearing act, that I have been surprised that certain people were still in contact. I finally realized that it wasn't so much that they still saw these people now and again but that the friendships I saw developing when we were kids we cemented then. These folks have been friends all their lives. All the time growing up, I thought I was normal. My parents kind of messed that up making the first half of my name Aud(Odd). Anyway. I thought it was typical to have most friendships only for a season. I had done that all my life. In another self-reflecting exercise that has spanned the last several years, I found myself to be aptly described as fickle and flighty. I've been doing everything in my power to change those characteristics of myself. I want to be thought of as stable and reliable. I think I've managed to get about half way there in reputation. I've completed a lot of things. That makes me feel better, but here I am in my mid-30s about to change industries, start a new career and in my third residence in three years. Here's to hoping I find all of the happiness that I have been chasing without realizing I was doing it. Self awareness is the most important step in changing. I am ready. I skipped across the entire lake on stepping stones. I am ready to be anchored to the shore. So, until tomorrow when I do the dreaded weigh-in, stay tuned.....


  1. Beautiful...:) and very becoming on you.

  2. As I am starting to expect from you, Audrey, a wonderful way of putting things!
    Friendships are amazing is incredible how they can be left alone for years and picked right up without skipping a beat.
    Sometimes it is just the continuity of previous experiences or just familiarity that provides the bond between us. It might be as simple as a shared ideal or moment, or as complex as a relationship extending over the years.
    Whatever it is, it is a gift which we have been given. -Sean