Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Surreally real!

So, yes. This is how I have felt all day today. I may still be in last night's pj's and I'm not sure if I ate but it was a freakin' fliptastic do a cart wheel and shoot rainbows kind of day. I have never felt so sure of the path I am on. I already ranted this morning. I am exhausted and I think the adrenaline high is finally wearing off. I will have more to say know after I have a working lunch with a dear friend and then...MEET WITH MY PUBLISHER!!!!!! Okay. That's all. Now, keep dreaming and stay tuned.....


  1. This sounds familiar. This was my yesterday afternoon. Couldn't explain the feeling and didn't try to try to ... too many try to's .. ehem.

    Thanks for the reminder. Going to soak up some memory of yesterday today.

    1. Perfect! The last several days have been magical. I have been busy soaking up that feeling for several days now and it is magnificent!