Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Topic of the Day 2

Today was a good day! I got to go to the Post Office again. My total for the package I was sending out was $5.90. I gave the cashier $6.00 and asked her to keep the dime. She just looked at me funny. I said, "Keep it on the counter, you know, in case someone needs it." I think I have found my mission. No, not to give everyone a flippin dime. I have decided that I am going to find some small way to influence people to just be nicer to one another! Is it a bad idea that I am broadcasting my brainstorms here in a public diary? Eh, maybe so but the point I am trying to make here is that we all need to just be nicer to each other! I'm not looking for people to give up their homes in order to house the homeless. I mean, that could be awesome but a little ridiculous. Haven't we all discovered that life is about the small things? It seems that as a society, we have all become so rushed that we don't take the time to smell the roses. At all. We have such a short time in this life. It should be something we cherish every moment of. I'm not encouraging anyone to live life wearing rose colored glasses, but damn! How hard is it to simply smile and be kind? Is life flying by so fast that the two seconds it would take to hold the door open for someone with their hands full would ruin an entire day's schedule? I think not.

It's like I was thinking about we all remember that movie Pay it Forward? It seems like our world is about due for a resurrection of the idea. It did so well for a little while. People seemed to care again. When was the last time you paid for the coffee of the next car in line? I do it all the time. I mean, if I am in line to buy a $5 cup of coffee, what's another five bucks for the car behind me? No, you may never have the chance to meet the person that you just bought coffee for, but who cares? Life is about the small things. Life is about sharing smiles.

So, the next time that woman in front of you at the grocery store is rude. Don't judge. Always remember that you don't know her story. You aren't wearing her shoes. If you don't believe that, just look down and I promise, you will find your own feet in your own shoes. If you are unable to seize any other opportunity, offer a smile. It could be the only one she has seen all day. Okay. I feel like I have ranted enough for the evening. I do feel compelled to change attitudes even if I have to do it one dime at a time. Until the tomorrow, stay tuned....

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Topic of the Day

Today has been a good day! I have several pokers in the fire, so to speak. I got to spend a little time brandishing each iron. I have given myself a timeline to settle on one avenue to pursue to finality or success, whichever way one prefers to look at it.

I did some research, which I love to do. I think I have some more ways to get this party started. Haha. I registered a domain and am now on the hunt for a hosting site. I am not "techy" by nature but I am a self-proclaimed researcher.

To try this out on all of the readers: I refuse to conform to one topic, as I previously mentioned. What is the opinion of a focus on a "topic of the day?" I feel this would allow me the freedom to talk a little bit about many things. Perhaps as time moves on, I will find a niche that I like best. Thus far, the only thing I have come up with is helping people. As we all know, help can take many, many forms.

Helping people makes me think of a recent incident. I was in line at the Post Office. There were several people in front of me. I, like many of you, enjoy people watching as a sport. So, I was watching the postal worker behind the counter. She was smiling and very polite to all of the customers. Her interaction with one gentleman touched me. His total was $1.10. He handed two one dollar bills. She asked if he had a dime so she didn't have to give him ninety cents in change. The reply was that he did not to which she responded, "Ah, I'll loan you a dime so you can keep that dollar." Two or three customers separated me from the counter. When I reached the register, she stated that my total was $1.10. I handed her two one dollar bills. I told her when she counted out my change to short me a dime. Perplexed, she looked at me. I said, "I want you to have that dime back in case someone else needs it."

Well, I think I need to go do some homework and do some more research. It looks like I will be doing that with Handy Manny as background noise, but off I go. Stay tuned.... 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Well, here is a start. I have talked about writing a book for years. I have mentioned starting a blog for about half as long. Here is the start of the madness. As my inner circle knows, I find myself with some free time on my hands and I do plan to make the best use of it possible. A warning: I don't plan on doing a lot of proofreading before I post. I think this is why I have had such a hard time getting even the first chapter of my book completed. Once I read and re-read and read again, I have lost interest and have created writer's block. I find that I do the same thing with papers for school. If I can't get all the words down on paper the first try, it is highly unlikely that it will be completed.

So, I have no one topic that I will focus on. It seems as though everyone I have encountered wants to right about one facet of life that is important to them. I find that, yes, there are a handful of things that I find essential for my life meaning but the truth is that it is all important. Every moment of every day. Every encounter no matter how quickly endured. I suppose this blog will be my equivalent to a public diary. It took .075 seconds to create. My hope is that it creates some kind of escape for those who decide to read it. Maybe a smile or a chuckle for someone having the worst day of their life. I don't know. Maybe the purpose is only about self gratification. Stay tuned.....