Sunday, March 4, 2012

This week's preview

I was going to wait until tomorrow but I couldn't stand the anticipation. Tomorrow is a big day and the start of a new week. On the calendar....

#1 weigh-in. Ugh. I am NOT looking forward to that. I just know that this new tube I have acquired around my waist is not working for me. I don't plan to disclose the number on the scale but I think talking about it will make me more accountable. I am going to give some helpful hints on how to diminish the muffin top as well.

#2 meet with a trainer at a new company for a completely new position. This should be interesting. I have a pretty good idea of what the training will involve. It will be a second school endeavor added to my list of daily tasks. I can do it.

#3 meet with the SBA. Yes, on top of new class commitments and a new career, I am toying with the idea of starting a business. The details are top secret for now.

#4 soccer with the boy. I have volunteered to take charge of one of his classmates. His parents have agreed to let me pick him up from school and cart him to soccer practice. I plan to take full advantage of the little time that I have with him. I'm going to work with him and my son on their U4 soccer skills. I just love that I will truly be a carpooling soccer mom now.

#5 get back in touch with my cynical side. I think this will require some smack talking.

Okay. So, there it is. A brief overview of what my week's plans are. Stay tuned....

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