Sunday, March 25, 2012

Who am I?

I did attempt to sum myself up in the bio thing on Google or or where ever I last posted about myself, but I doubt I got everything down there so I am taking some inspiration from You Know It Happens At Your House Too. I'm really trying to think of 15 things about myself. Well, here it goes.

1. I have always wanted to write.
I have wanted to write since I was really young. It was one of those dreamy things I thought of back in the day of pouring through book after book by Judy Blume. Are you there God, it's me Margaret was one of my all-time favorite faves. Anyway. I am writing my first book now and think it will be a great one! Even if it turns out that my friends are the only people that ever read it, I will have a published book. Check that off my whatever list.

2. I dropped out of high school.
Why am I telling you this? I don't know. Just seems kind of interesting. I was in the honors program which I later realized was just a trick that They did to kids to get them in harder classes to graduate. I would have been fine and would have graduated with no problem but my rebellious nature wouldn't allow for it. I had 2.5 credits to go and would have graduated a year early. I couldn't take it anymore so I made my parents unenroll me. I immediately got my G.E.D. and started college.

3. The first boy I kissed was named Clark.
I have been boy crazy since I could think. The first boy I kissed, named Clark, was in Mother's Day Out so that made me four. Luckily, when he and his mom stopped me and my Mom at the grocery store, he told my Mom he was going to marry me. Once he said that, I never spoke to him again. Funny how that attitude stuck with me the rest of my life....

4. I have only lost one person close to my heart.
I know I will be devastated when I experience this again. I lost my great-grandmother when I was five and have been blessed not to endure the pain of losing anyone else since. I have no idea how that happened.

5. I love pedicures.
I know, what woman doesn't love having her feet f***ed? Ever since I got over the fact that my toes are weird, I have loved to get pedicures. You see, when I was in 4th grade a friend's little brother gave me a huge complex over my toes. I went many years without allowing my feet to be seen. Overcoming that complex was a pretty big deal to me.

6. I am known as a quitter.
I know I have mentioned this in previous blogs, but it is very relevant to who I am. I spent a lot time quitting, relationships, jobs, cities, etc. I decided, once and for all, that I would no longer fall victim to this train of thought. I mean, I couldn't just quit being a mom and that has felt good. I do allow myself breaks from everything now but I pick back up and get back to it now instead of just quitting and never looking back.

7. The weather scares me.
Yes, it doesn't really matter where I am or who I am with. I have not experienced a hurricane but last spring's super hail storm at my Mom's house certainly felt equivalent. I am certain that we all suffered an undiagnosed case of PT SD following that storm. Thunderstorms are not my friend. I have respect but no like.

8. I was born in Colorado.
Everyone has always known me as nomadic but it isn't my fault. My parents moved off to Denver when they were young hippies. That's where I was born. We lived there for a couple of years then my life of moving started with a 15 year pause. It went something like this...Denver; Duncan, OK; Garland, TX; then three different houses in Dallas. The third one was for the balance of my childhood starting when I was 5. I won't even get into to the gypsy life style that I have been a part of since I moved out at 16ish.

9. I am left handed.
Totally unimportant, right? I have always been proud of writing with the "wrong" hand. Its just right in line with my rebellious nature. What's funny is that I am left handed as is Little Mister's father. L.M. is completely right handed. I guess that hand didn't carry the dominant gene.

10. I really do love being a mom.
Yes, little dude can get on ma nerves. I'm not afraid to say that. He only recently started irritating with his continued arguing with me about things that I KNOW as fact. I know where he gets this over confident nature. Between his father and myself, the poor child never had a chance in hell of being quiet and demure nor of not being opinionated. Anyway. He is the most angelic, well mannered child most of the time. He saves all his "bad" behavior for his mom. That's okay. I love him more than anything and wouldn't trade him in for anything. Well, that would just depend on what was at stake. I kid.

11. I want to be married.
Some day. I don't know when the "right" time will be but it would be nice to happen some time. I'm a pain in the ass and impossible to keep focused. It takes someone very special to handle me. The man that has put up with my shit the longest is still currently a part of my life, when I will let him. I'm already starting to go grey so as I get older, I guess we get closer.

12. I have dumb luck.
I choose to look at this positively. Things happen to me that just don't happen to other people. I think I will save the details of this for another blogging event.

13. I love donuts.
The most useless piece of pastry there is and I love them. I judge a good donut shop based on the quality of the donut holes. I can tell which ones are fried in the same kind of oil as the lunch time won tons. I can tell if they are fried in vegetable oil or if they are in the frier too long. If the shop doesn't pass the hole test, I give them a second chance based on the quality of the chocolate glaze.

14. Hair spray is my friend.
I have been told that I have to be the only person left alive that uses aerosol hair spray. Well, obviously not or it wouldn't be sold in the store. I have to have hair spray; needed it since the days of Aqua Net and Rave and don't plan on ever giving it up. When the whole CFC thing came about, I tried one pump hairspray. Screw that. If I wanted my style to be damp, I would just put my head under the sink. I immediately tossed the pump and bought another bottle of Aqua Net. I don't know if the same particles are still involved and I decided my hair couldn't afford to care.

15. I only use black hangers.
I am OCD about the oddest things. One day when I was putting up laundry, I noticed that none of my clothes hung the same and that there was a variety of wire, plastic and store hangers in my closet. I promptly yanked all the clothes down and through all of the mismatch hangers in the dumpster. I went to Wal-Mart and bought several hundred black, plastic hangers. The habit was set from there.

Well, there are some little known facts about me. Again, I thank You Know It Happens At Your House Too for the inspiration and motivation. I spend enough time self-reflecting that I feel comfortable being who I am. Now you know a little more about me, too.

Stay tuned....


  1. AWESOME!!! I think I secretly always wanted to be a writer, I just never really realized it until I started this whole blogging thing. I LOVE donuts too...yum. Not quite as much as I love Johnny, but I love them. Especially homemade ones. So glad you did this, hope you had fun!!

    1. It was a lot of fun!!! My little brain went places it hasn't been in a while. Be sure to tell Johnny hi from me!