Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When Tuesday's gone...

Good morning, peeps. I wanted to take a minute to check in. I have a busy day ahead. I'm sure you are surprised.

There have been some new twists in the plot as of late. Remember I mentioned that I was reading a book that a dear friend wrote? Yeah, well. Guess who spent the entire day yesterday starting a book of their very own? Yep. That's right. I did! It's good y'all. Like, it made ME cry while I was writing it. I haven't quite figured out how I want to make the next move in the story but I have a couple of ideas. I felt myself getting that burned out feeling that I get with school so I saved it and closed. I was ready to go ahead and end the story but there is still so much to tell!

I got an email from the HR people at the previously mentioned company. I'm not sure if this bad. I was asked to provide a statement regarding a termination at a job over 10 years ago. I know I listed it on the application because I was going through my jobs chronilogically. I should have communicated with them about it prior to this morning but if I wasn't job listing, I forgot about it. I was only at that place for like 3 months anyway. I just simply forgot. It isn't like I got fired for embezzlement. It was just having an office tattle tale. I went on a job interview over my lunch break and said tattle tale decided that it was important for management to know what I had done on my own time. Well, I was promptly terminated the next morning. Apparently, this action created trust issues or something. Well, let me tell you that the feeling was mutual. When you are a 22 year old babe in the woods all caught up in fancy offices and skyscrapers, it isn't a very secure feeling to sit down in a chair that is still warm from the person before you on your first day. That was AFTER I saw this poor woman scooting toward the elevators with a box in her arms and tears streaming down her face. There were a couple of other things that happened that I felt sure that I had made a mistake going to work there so the termination was just fine with me.

Well, that's the quick version for now. I will get an Audrella (my new word. It has a fickle meaning. It can be a note, a memo, a long winded email, any kind of literary contribution any where that doesn't fit the existing parameters for writing endeavors). So, until later, keep dreaming! Stay tuned.....


  1. If it is meant to be.... something that occurred ten years ago should not matter. But, if they are looking that deeply into your character, they will be impressed, I am sure! Hang in there! Sean =]

  2. I agree with Sean
    You even showed your character years ago and that short-lived.