Sunday, November 10, 2013

Meandering Along

Well. That was a sobering realization. I have not realized that I have not posted since the beginning of this year. I guess that will give me a bit to chat you all up about this evening. Let's see...back to the first of the year.....

I don't think I can recollect the events that far back with any real sense of clarity. I'll just give you the bulleted version. I did hit another plateau and then decided events should take another turn. As I always seem to do.

I gave my career some real thought and weighed in the writing that I do so love. There are not many things that I have been able to do during the somewhat mundane, yet gratifying, daily grind. Do you know what I mean? I had the blessing of a six month sabbatical from full-time, typical employment. Those of you that have been with me since the beginning know where I started.

I wrote a book.


Through the course of the struggles of this year, I lost contact with my PR contact and have done absolutely nothing to promote my own piece of work. The book is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. However, what good is that if I don't expend any energy to make it what I DREAM of it to be? I envision a series of fictional stories that are so intertwined that one ALMOST wants to see a new soap opera hatch!

The other day at work, a new friend of mine and I were comparing notes and it was phenomenal the things that we had accomplished that we had completely forgotten about. He's a published photographer and quite talented if I say so myself. At any rate, it was a very sobering moment that I have, again, lost myself. Yeah, I'm good at the job I do now. Sure, I'm making enough money to support the lifestyle that I want for Little Mister. It's just that between getting up at 5:15 a.m. every morning and retiring for the day by 9:30 p.m. and all that goes on in between those hours, I find myself exactly where I always seem to end up.

The roses continue to bloom and fade away with each season, yet I can hardly fathom the way they smell.

After another wake up conversation with my sister and her dearest friend prior to the realization last week that I'm losing time, yet again, I decided to do something about it. 2013 has not been a loss by any stretch of the imagination but I still have that little voice on my shoulder saying, "Psst. What are you doing?" That little voice is me. I have listened so many times and really achieved true happiness. So, I listened to not only my little subconscious voice but considered the voices of those that care about me and have seen the transformation from happiest person ever to the me that lives wearing black all the time and coloring my hair several shades darker than normal.

I did it. I applied at a publishing house. I felt pretty amazed with myself putting everything down in writing that I have accomplished. I have been published a couple of times. I did finish college again in July this year and have the credentials of MBA to brag about. I have really had some good experience that has brought my writing skill from good ability to transition thoughts to words to true professional writer. After I wrote my letter of intent, I knew I was headed back toward the path I want to be on.

I am a mother, first and foremost. I make time to try and date but it doesn't work out because I am just not willing to share my life. So, I typically just hang out and help my sister take care of our home (One of the big events of the year. We combined households for the betterment of all.) We do watch a lot of t.v. Haha. So as my brain becomes a little jellied, I have to pick up my creative pen again, so to speak, and do more before I can't do anything at all.

I did express that I am open to whatever role I may be useful for with this publishing house. I don't care if they want me to  bring the editors coffee every Saturday morning. I just want to get my foot in the door so I can learn everything there is to know about this business.

I do have plenty more to talk about but I'll save something for future blogging, like maybe tomorrow. Stay tuned.....