Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm gonna bust a gut...

Photo credit: A girl named Ashley that is in college

Oh my, Lord. Oh my, Jesus. I have accidentally stumbled on some pure hilarity this evening!!!!! I had all these great little tidbits to share to make you laugh but I'm too busy laughing at other people, in a good way, tonight!!! You will see that I am now following several new blogs. Go check them out. I promise many laughs!!! I have several new likes on Facebook as well. The two of most note are Super Earthling and Not-so-plain Jane. I am also REALLY curious to delve into You Know It Happens at Your House Too. I should be writing a stupid paper but I am very busy. I'll get to that paper sometime before Sunday at midnight.

Stay tuned.... I hope I can share a recipe or wisdom about losing socks from the washer to the dryer this weekend. Adios!

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