Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I quit quitting coffee

Yes, I have decided that I am a quitter. I quit quitting coffee. I changed to a fat free creamer and will only have one cup, two when time is allowed, again. Thank you Shut The Front Door for posting this Bluntcard to remind me that coffee does, in fact, make dealing with me more palatable.

I won a contest yesterday! It has been a while since I won anything. Thank you for appreciating the pick up of Fred Sanford and Keanu Reeves in the essay. I'm sorry, while I like art, I am not well versed on the artists. I hope that the experience at Kimball Art Museum, The Age of Impressionism, will give me better insight. I am picking up my tickets today! Now, I feel like I need to see what other contests I can enter.

Well, the coffee is brewed. Time to get this day underway. Stay tuned....


  1. Girl...I am NEVER giving up coffee! And you better not because we have many coffee dates ahead to discuss blogging and such.

    1. Oh, please. I'm never giving coffee up. : ) It was a nice thought.