Monday, April 30, 2012

Is it all coming together?

That. Right there. Yes, that picture. That is how the inside of my head feels right now. I am trying, desperately, to maintain focus. "Eye on the prize..."

See? I find this terribly difficult right now because I feel like I'm running three different races at the same freakin' time. Last I checked, we still had not perfected cloning so I don't see how that is possible. I am exhausted. I've tried to back up and regroup to slow things down a little but the effort is futile. No matter what I do, I am still pulling myself in a million directions and am working with the end in mind for each endeavor. So, I'm just trying to concentrate on what is done and what the next step for each is.

Big news...I got the cover art for the book in this morning! The book is no longer just a thought or a dream. It. Is. Real. Advertisement will start in July and it will be released in October. Holy shit. Yeah.

Met with my manager today on the other deal. I will be a fully employed and licensed financial advisor by June. Holy shit, again.

The other school situation is still on-going. Still on course to have an MBA in July of 2013.

My Facebook fan page is creeping up on 3,000 people. That's really cool, too. Go see it...

Well, those are quick updates on what is going on with me. I'm here to remind you that perseverance is key. Keep dreaming. It can come true! Stay tuned....


  1. If you're saying dreams can come true, I am going to believe you.

  2. Yay! Huge congrats on all your VERY good news! Sounds like good reason for plenty of celebrating. :)

  3. that's right, sticking to your dreams and patience is key.

  4. And being pulled in a million directions always seems to be the norm. Which is getting me thinking I need to go back to my blogs and at least write a post at one of them. I'm starting to get more followers at some. is the most popular one it seems.