Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Topic of the Day

Today has been a good day! I have several pokers in the fire, so to speak. I got to spend a little time brandishing each iron. I have given myself a timeline to settle on one avenue to pursue to finality or success, whichever way one prefers to look at it.

I did some research, which I love to do. I think I have some more ways to get this party started. Haha. I registered a domain and am now on the hunt for a hosting site. I am not "techy" by nature but I am a self-proclaimed researcher.

To try this out on all of the readers: I refuse to conform to one topic, as I previously mentioned. What is the opinion of a focus on a "topic of the day?" I feel this would allow me the freedom to talk a little bit about many things. Perhaps as time moves on, I will find a niche that I like best. Thus far, the only thing I have come up with is helping people. As we all know, help can take many, many forms.

Helping people makes me think of a recent incident. I was in line at the Post Office. There were several people in front of me. I, like many of you, enjoy people watching as a sport. So, I was watching the postal worker behind the counter. She was smiling and very polite to all of the customers. Her interaction with one gentleman touched me. His total was $1.10. He handed two one dollar bills. She asked if he had a dime so she didn't have to give him ninety cents in change. The reply was that he did not to which she responded, "Ah, I'll loan you a dime so you can keep that dollar." Two or three customers separated me from the counter. When I reached the register, she stated that my total was $1.10. I handed her two one dollar bills. I told her when she counted out my change to short me a dime. Perplexed, she looked at me. I said, "I want you to have that dime back in case someone else needs it."

Well, I think I need to go do some homework and do some more research. It looks like I will be doing that with Handy Manny as background noise, but off I go. Stay tuned.... 


  1. You're so nice :) And helping just feels good. I helped Alabama by moving here. You're welcome, entire state.

  2. Yes, Erin. Alabama is quite lucky to now have you as a resident. I have started a petition to throw you a huge welcoming party as soon as possible.