Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You know you want to.

Greetings and salutations!!! It has been a busy summer. I feel like I need to get an update out there about what has been going on. The book I accidentally wrote earlier this year is ready for preorder sales! Look below for the link to purchase your limited, first edition that will be numbered and signed by the author (me). The coolest thing is that it will be a collector's item. So click the linky link and get yours ordered.

A good friend of mine also made this cool trailer to help with the book. Check it out:

It has been an amazing summer. I have had a lot of time with friends and family. It has been awesome getting to spend time with Little Mister and hang out with his cousin. Yeah, there have been some things that have not been super BUT there have been numerous opportunities to grow and learn.

I am getting comfortable with a new place in life. I'm still not exactly sure where it is going, but I am fully on board for the ride. I always knew that I had a writing gene in me. I am oh so thankful to have had the opportunity to finally pursue that dream. I have been ridiculed by a few and supported by many. I don't know if this first book (and the sequel in progress) are my final place as far as genre goes, but it is a start. I think over the careers of some of my idols, Stephen King and Anne Rice particularly, and I don't think my start is too far off. You all know that I believe in dreams and dreaming things into existence. It is possible. Who knows? I could be big stuff one day! And to think, I got my start writing romance. Ha! I really hope you all buy this book. I'm thinking the sequel will be out sooner than later and hopefully I have managed to attract an audience!

Keep dreaming and stay tuned....

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  1. You are my hero! Wishing you luck from here to the moon.