Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Four things I have learned...

Many of you might know that I found myself unemployed at the end of January this year...for the second time. I was let go from the previous position in September of last year as a victim of a decrease in work force. Even during the tumultuous times of our economy, I didn't worry either time. I am actually thankful that I have had the last several months to think and reflect and weigh different options. For the first time in my life, I have had the opportunity to pursue things I really WANT to do. I haven't been so stretched thin, financially, that I had to hurry up and get another job. It has been pretty nice, actually. So, I wanted to share with all of you four things that I have learned over the last, almost, four months.

1. I have learned to NOT worry about money.
This is a very strange concept for me. I have ALWAYS worried about money. This is a subject that has created MANY sleepless nights for me. Am I going to be able to pay the bills? Will I be able to buy groceries? What am I going to do if I don't have enough money? You get it, right? Well, when one finds one's self without a method of earning money, this should be the TOP of the worry list. Strangely, I have learned that expending that energy doesn't accomplish anything. Worry never earned a dollar. What I CAN tell you is that faith and hope is enough to keep you afloat. Not everyone believes in God and I am sensitive to that. However, He is who I thank for the peace of mind and having enough. I have had enough to not give up anything in my life over the last several months because I have enough. I know, with absolute certainty, that the right things happen when the timing is right.

Don't worry about money. Just be smarter with it when you have it!

2. It is possible to teach a mature dog new tricks.
I know. I'm not an "old" dog. The fact remains that it DOES get harder to learn completely new things as you get older. I remember being a smart ass eighteen year old and getting so frustrated with the older generation for not being able to aptly use a computer. It wasn't that I was smarter. I just had a still developing brain and that meant that new concepts weren't lost on me. It is a fact that the brain is completely developed at age 25 and the age of the "sponge" is over. It is also proven that the brain, like other organs, gets older and isn't as strong or responsive as it was. I think it is a terrific accomplishment for adults to change careers and learn an entirely new trade. I've been undergoing exactly that challenge. I have not achieved fully realized success as of yet but I am going to. No, it has not been as easy as it was ten years ago to learn. I have to do all kinds of new things to trick my mind into remembering details. I have calendars galore to remember dates and appointments. I didn't use to have to do that. The point here is, don't sell yourself short, you CAN learn new stuff. You just have to take a different approach to it than you previously have.

You CAN learn; it just takes a new approach.

3. Facebook is therapy for so many.
I have realized that the entertainment provided on Facebook is therapeutic to so many people. There is more to it than just keeping up with people and stalking people. I have had a profile on there for years and never really did much with it. I have discovered over the last several months that it really is a world of it's own. I have found people that created their own pages for entertainment, to vent, to be themselves and they all have a following of fans that relate. How wonderful is that? And to think, the only cost is related to providing yourself an Internet connection. Amazing. I have made a bunch of really awesome friends in the process and introduced them all to each other. It is fun. I feel like I owe it to the people that have taken the time to enjoy my efforts to keep entertaining. I have also found that this is the attitude of the others that have taken on this lifestyle as well. I hope that if one of us offers a smile or a relative story to someone that desperately needs it, we have made a difference.

4. I have learned that I CAN do anything.
I remember being a kid and my Dad always telling me I could be and do whatever I ever wanted. Why did it take me over thirty years to understand this? I was told the other day that "energy is wasted on youth." I tend to agree with this statement. There is so much that I want to do still and now my energy is not what it once was. However, along with this new wisdom, I am better at managing that energy and putting it toward the "right" things. As most of you know, I wrote a book. Yeah. I did. I sat down and wrote a flipping book! I am working on a new career. There is still a lot of work to be done on both but they are progressing....slower than I would like but the completion is up to me. The point is, no matter your age or circumstances, don't sell yourself short. You CAN do anything with the right amount of effort.

On that note, I will tell you farewell for now. I hope that you all take the time to listen to your heart, have faith, keep hoping, keep dreaming, keep working and stop worrying. Remember, worry never earned a dollar. Much love to all of you. If you don't believe in yourself, I will believe in you! That's all for now. Stay tuned....

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  1. I really loved this post. It was very uplifting. Almost felt like I wen tot church. I mean that in a good way.