Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why can't you see me? (A mediocre poem)

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Why can't you see me
as I cry?

Why can't you see me
with no one to stand by?

Why can't you see me
when I try to find my way?

Why can't you see me
make it through the day?

I struggle on my own with getting older.
I try and try to make believe I have grown bolder.

I weep into my pillow or don't sleep at all.
So afraid that this fragile empire will fall.

I fear the unknown but take leaps of faith.
What else is life if you just sit and wait?

My house is made with shards of glass
one wrong move and I'm going to lose my ass.

I see new lines on my face
Grey hairs cropping up all over the place.

Why can't you see me
my intentions are real?

Why can't you see me
my heart has always been there to steal?

Why can't you see me
I try to push you away?

Why can't you see me
unpredictable enthusiasm in every way?

I make decisions sometimes in haste.
Life is for living not to go to waste.

We all make mistakes, that is for sure.
I swear on everything, my heart is pure.

I want to trust and be trusted in return.
The bad thoughts and memories continue to churn.

My mind is full of voices
they all give different choices.

Why can't you see me sitting here all alone?


  1. I think of my father. I probably need therapy.

    1. Isn't therapy why we blog and have fan pages on Facebook? You can't beat therapy sessions whenever you want them for a low monthly cost. ; )