Monday, April 9, 2012

Try, try, try again!

Well, today marks my first failure in quite some time. I had to score 70% and
i made 68%. Yes, a very colorful string of magnificent curse words followed the discovery that I did not pass the licensing exam today. I have to tell you this, I have never, I mean ever had to really study. I studied my ass off and took practice test after practice test. Over the span of the last week, I have lived, breathed and ate this material. I know I don't "know" it but I thought surely I know enough to pass the effin test! I consistently scored barely passing on the practice tests last night. Alas, with way too little sleep, I did not, in fact, pass the test. I'm going to spend some time coming up with a new strategy with the trainer tomorrow but I know what I need to do. I just need to study some more. I'll probably take the test again in a couple of weeks and pass but for today, I'm pissed and just want to be mad.

While I am busy being mad, I have come up with an easy list of things that lead to success.

1. Do not give up!
Those that know me know that in the light of failing a test, I usually would throw in the towel and give up. Not this time. I have too much time and energy invested in this to give up. It will just take a little more time and a little more energy and I will be where I need to be. So, don't forget that. The only way to have success is to not give up!

2. Stay positive
Everyone knows this but it is hard to be positive when you feel like you've just had the wind knocked out of you. Am I right? My head is pounding and my brain is completely saturated. I'm going to relax the rest of the day and get back up tomorrow.

3. Laugh
I am finding that this list is actually an action plan and laughing follows the other two. I plan to make a lot of fun of myself to get to the next point. I am kind of limited with the jokes here on the blog but I am constantly posting new jokes and have tons of hilarious friends over on my Facebook fan page. If you haven't already been there, come on over to my place. I'll introduce you and we can share some margaritas.

4. Stay Organized
This is actually important in every facet of life. It's so funny how often I will get to feeling overwhelmed with everything I want to do and everything I HAVE to do in a day's time. I did buy myself a planner to keep track of the time in a day. It has helped tremendously. I've even penciled in time for a nap every day. It is amazing how things just seem so out of control but when you write it down, and see what the day is, it really in manageable!

5. Keep learning
After the experience of the last couple of weeks, I have discovered that it is possible to teach an older dog new tricks. I have spent the last five years in school to refine a skill set that I already have. The stuff I am working on now is so new and foreign that I feel like I am in 8th grade learning about anatomy for the first time again. It is crazy to me that the English language can sound so different and words have such different meanings that it is like learning a completely new language entering a new industry. I advise that you don't let that get in the way. You can learn something new. I am finding myself starting to apply stuff that I've been learning in every day conversation. I had just decided (prior to now) that it wasn't possible for my brain to retain anything completely new. i was wrong.

Well, this writing event was good for me. I needed to see in black and white what my attitude needs to be to achieve the success I am striving for. The first steps are all in place and it is up to me to get to the next level. I'm going to dig my heels in and cross that finish line. So, I'll be in touch. Stay tuned....


  1. Keep pluggin away momma!! Good things are waiting for you!!

  2. If all you do is laugh, it will do much good. However, when one is upset, it's hard to find anything to be humorous.