Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stormy Spring in Texas

That's nice. I had this whole page almost filled but, somehow, deleted everything. Fantastic.

So, today was pretty crazy, right? I didn't even know that there were storms in the forecast. Thankfully, I already had rainy day hair. Due to the persistent light drizzle this morning, I decided to fore go styling the mountain of frizz on the top of my head. I just had a big "meh" moment and went on with life.

As the lunch hour came to an end and people were returning, I hear a female voice say, "Yeah. I heard a tornado touched down in Cleburne. Like, Johnson County?" Dear God! I jumped up from my seat, stammering, "That's where my son is!" I call his little school and spoke with a fairly calm but nervous sounding young lady. I told her who I was and asked if everything was okay. The response I got was a little disconcerting. "Yep. We are taking cover again. We will have to call you back." I could hear in the tone of her voice she was just trying not to alarm any of the kids but she definitely sounded scared. I hung up the phone and just wondered what in the world I could do over an hour away... This is one of the reasons that I never want to be that far from him during the day. I mean, I know there really wasn't anything I could do but if I had been there, I could have hugged and soothed him. Well, the soothing would have been more for me than him. You get what I'm saying. See, storms and I have a long history and I am scared to death of the weather. As a child, I got to ride in the car trying to outrun a tornado, we had several tornadic storms when I was in elementary school. I almost drowned in my car following a torrential down pour. The snow collapsed a car port on top of my car and last year my family and I lived through the worst "hail" storm I have ever been around. It sounded like a freaking freight train was trying to come through the roof. I just don't trust that witch, Mother Nature. The unpredictability of the storms we have here is just too much for me. From early March through the entire summer, I am a bundle of nerves. So, my point now is this: we all need to keep the residents of North Texas in our thoughts and prayers. I refused to pay attention to the news once I confirmed that all was well with my boy. Watching the news when I got home, I discovered that Dallas, Lancaster, Arlington, Forney and several other counties experienced loss and/or injury. It makes me sad and I know that none of us are immune. Oh, how I hate the Texas storms.


  1. And I thought I had it bad in the Spring just because it rains non-stop.

  2. it's nice to "meet" another Texan!