Thursday, April 26, 2012


Hahaha...THE END.

Just kidding.

Yes, that is me. I had laser teeth whitening for the first time today. It seemed to do some good. I just thought that the picture perfect moment before we began was too awesome to pass up.

I went to Smiling Bright in Fort Worth, TX. I have wanted to do this but didn't really want to fork out the cash to pay for it. I found a deal on Living Social and couldn't pass it up. When I Googled the company name, it appears that there are still good deals out there. I've heard some people to be wary if you have sensitive teeth. I guess I don't because there has been no pain. My smile is about six shades whiter than when the process began this afternoon. I was so impressed that I made a second appointment two weeks from now. One fan said that I needed to be careful because my teeth might get darker after they rehydrate. I will report on what happens between now and my second visit.

So, what else have I been up to while neglecting my blog. Gosh. I've been really busy!! I know, we all are. I've been trying to stay caught up on this new career I am trying to embark on. Littly, tiny roadblocks keep popping up, but I will navigate around them! Now, if I could just get my brain unscrambled to get organized, I would be 100% better off.

I've been writing some. I am less than 9,000 words away from hitting my goal of 50K. Just need to get it done.... I'M WORKING ON IT! : )

My other school is kicking my butt, too. Halfway through this class.

You know who I've been thinking about lately? Heath Ledger. I miss his face on the big screen. Here is my favorite look for him.

My little home has been a source of neglect lately, too. So, I have to run and get some laundry done. Don't forget to keep dreaming. Success is found OUTSIDE of the comfort zone. Stay tuned.....


  1. Heya this is Irish, love yer new vogue photo :P hahaha ahh least you can do it... I miss Heath too, damn he was so hot!! why won't the young learn that those drugs WILL kill ya eventually? ahh man... loved his dance in A Knights Tale to Golden Years, golden years bop bop bop angellll... fack he was fine!! ok, enough lol..

    Slan! xx

  2. That is the best picture I have ever seen. Enter a beauty contest now by sending that picture in.

    We all miss Heath.